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Museets formål og horoskop
Purpose and chart of the Museum



Opstillet for foreningens 'fødsel' ved enighed om vedtægterne på den stiftende generalforsamling
den 3. februar 1999 i Valby (Kbh) - og det skete kl. 13.00

Erected for the passing of the artcles at the first general assembley on February 3rd, 1999 at 1.00 PM in Copenhagen (Valby)

Museum of Astrology is the worlds first of its kind This was confirmed at a business astrology conference in New York 1999, the year of its foundation.

Museum of Astrology is at the same time the first astrological institution in Denmark (and in Scandinavia) that is primarily a public service function

The Museum of Astrology Association owns Museum of Astrology untill economy permits establishin the museum as a non-profit organisation. The association will then continue supporting the museum.

Statement of purpose

The association has the explicit purpose of creating a concrete og documented knowledge of both the professional field of astrology, its historical background and its impact on society. This purpose is sought realized by

  • - building the Museum of Astrology and its collections
  • - building the necessary tools for cataloguing and database management
  • - maintaining the collections and making their contents accessible
  • making the collections and the tools of cataloguing available for research work
  • - publicizing, lecturing and in other ways making the museums fund of knowledge accessible for the public
  • - opening the collections of the musem for the public in defined ways

Opdateret 02/04/2018 - ret til ændringer forbeholdes

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